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James, N. (2013). 'How dare you tell me how to teach!': Resistance to educationalism within Australian law schools. University of New South Wales Law Journal, 36(3), 779-808.

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Resistance to educationalism can never be abolished within a law school, nor should it: it seems appropriate, if not unavoidable, that any discourse within the academy – even one with apparent pedagogical merits – be questioned, challenged and even opposed by alternative discourses and points of view. However, any such conflict between educationalism and other discourses should be characterised by an informed debate. Both the policy makers and the academics themselves have an obligation to ensure that debates about the regulation of teaching are informed by at least some familiarity with the educationalist literature, even if the principles espoused by that literature are not accepted as decisive. Anti-educationalism that is an unthinking reaction to efforts to regulate teaching or is a result of ignorance of educationalist scholarship and principles has no place within the legal academy.



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