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March 2000

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Journal Article

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"Fair use in the Digital Age", CCH Law and Technology, Issue 19, 3, March 2000
Reproduced with the kind permission of CCH Australia Limited.
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The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs tabled its 'Advisory Report on Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Bill 1999' in the House of Representatives on 6 December 1999. The Bill aims to extend copyright into the digital domain. It resulted from a long process of policy formation and public consultation.' During the course of its Inquiry, the Committee came to realise that "the digital environment could not be likened to the print environment in all respects" (at 1.23). It is in the context of the fair dealing exception that contrasting views of the purpose of copyright, the future of cyberspace and the public interest collide most accutely. A careful balance must be struck, so that the promise of the Internet - cheaper, easier, faster and more accurate access to information and entertainment - is realised whilst maintaining fair returns for copyright owners.



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