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Keyzer, P. & Hanks, P. (2000-2011). Constitutional Law. In G.E. Dal Pont (Ed.). Halsbury's Laws of Australia. Chatswood: LexisNexis Butterworths

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Description of the Encyclopaedia: Halsbury's Laws of Australia is a comprehensive legal encyclopaedia written in a clear, concise form covering all Australian law. Designed to reduce research time dramatically, Halsbury's Laws of Australia provides definitive statements of the law supported by primary authority contained in detailed footnotes. Each topic is written by an expert, then reviewed by a distinguished editorial panel and is intensively checked to give users confidence in its accuracy. Regular updates keep Halsbury's current with changes in the law. In addition, Australian Current Law, publishing monthly, shares an identical title scheme and acts as a quick updater to Halsbury's. Halsbury's consists of 35 looseleaf volumes covering 89 subject areas and all nine jurisdictions. To help research, Halsbury's includes a consolidated index and consolidated tables of cases and statutes.

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