Clean energy law in Australia

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Lockie, D. (2012). Clean energy law in Australia. Chatswood, N.S.W: LexisNexis Butterworths. ISBN: 9780409332230

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Clean Energy Law in Australia is a timely, comprehensive and incisive commentary on the full suite of federal laws and regulations for Australia's clean energy future. This title incorporates the rules for acquitting liability under Australia's carbon pricing mechanism and the chapters discuss: The legal framework (carbon pricing, energy efficiency and renewable energy, action on the land, carbon cost impacts for fuel tax and ozone protection, and international interface); Registration, measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions; Liability for greenhouse gas emissions; Emissions units; Special topics; Enforcement powers of the regulator; Review and appeals. This title is an excellent companion to the online looseleaf service, Clean Energy Law in Australia. The text includes an introductory chapter that sets out the legal framework for the multiple dimensions of clean energy, a directory, tables and checklists for simplifying compliance tasks. Clean Energy Law in Australia is written by an expert in this field to offer guidance for legal, accounting and environmental practitioners, in-house counsel and environmental super-intendents. It will also benefit those interested in the areas of environmental liability, pollution reporting, carbon trading and the low-carbon economy. This book will be an excellent resource for students studying in this field.

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