Translators' preface: The legal sociology of Takao Tanase

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Wolff, L., & Nottage, L. (2010). Translators' preface: The legal sociology of Takao Tanase. In L. Nottage & L. Wolff (Eds.), Community and the law: A critical reassessment of American liberalism and Japanese modernity (pp. vi-ix). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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2010 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 180122, 180106, 180119

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‘Takao Tanase seamlessly combines sociolegal and philosophical analysis as he explores the tensions between individual legal rights and communitarian values in settings ranging from post-divorce visitation rights to tort liability, lawyer–client relationships, and rising litigation rates. Contrasting Japan with the individualistic thrust of American law, Tanase stresses the importance of building legal processes that encourage stronger social and communal bonds. Students of law and society on all continents will find rich food for thought in this intellectually bold and intriguing volume.’
– Robert A. Kagan, University of California, Berkeley, US

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