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Lo, V.I. (2007). Legal reform in China: Legislation on business entities. University of New South Wales law journal, 30(3), 824-832.

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2007 HERDC submission.

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For the past 28 years, China has implemented various legal reforms, including the re-establishment of the Ministry of Justice, the re-opening of the courts, the revival of legal education and the passage of numerous pieces of legislation. Although the restoration of legal institutions is a major constituent of legal reform in China, this article focuses on legislation. Moreover, since it is impossible to provide an exhaustive review of China’s legislative enactments and amendments in almost three decades, legislation on business entities is chosen as an illustration. Toward this aim, the following discussion first introduces legal norms in China. It then provides an overview of the legislation on business entities and highlights most recent statutory amendments. Finally, it draws conclusions in the broader context of China’s legal reform.

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