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December 1998

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Journal Article

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Forder, Jay. “Unsolicited email in business: Spam, murk and the opt-in /opt-out debate", CCH Law and Technology, Issue 11, Dec 1998, pp. 1-3.

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[Extract] At first glance, email could be viewed as just another method of communication. You might think it wouldn’t raise any new legal issues. But the change is not so much in what businesses do, but in how quickly and easily they are able to do it. The increase in speed, quantity and reach of communications leads to a fundamental change in the way business is conducted. Direct marketing takes on a whole new significance. The printing press brought about a similar change in the Middle Ages. Before the press, publishing books took a long time. Afterwards, the increase in speed and quantity led to fundamental changes that required legislative intervention, eg to deal with copyright. Will similar intervention be needed to deal with unsolicited email (’spam’)?



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