Intellectual property law and innovation

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van Caenegem, W. (2007). Intellectual property law and innovation. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521837576

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© Copyright William van Caenegem, 2007


This book covers the areas of intellectual property law that are most relevant to both product and technological innovation. It surveys intellectual property law relevant to protecting or monopolising the novel visual appearance, as well as the novel functions and substantive characteristics of products. Intellectual Property Law and Innovation deals with copyright laws as relevant to computers, the visual design of products, registered design laws, patent laws and the law relating to computer chip layout. It also examines aspects of passing off and trademark laws relevant to product appearance. The role of these different areas of law is examined from the perspective of innovation theory, as well as from the perspective of innovation strategy and public policy. This book takes a comparative approach, but focuses principally on the law in English speaking jurisdictions, especially Australia.

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