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March 1998

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Journal Article

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Quirk, Patrick and Forder, Jay. “So who controls the internet?", CCH Law and Technology, Issue 4, Mar 1998, pp. 2-3.

Reproduced with the kind permission of CCH Australia Limited.
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[Extract] Do you believe the traditional view that no single entity controls the Internet? There is wide consultation and discussion of protocols/standards before a community decision is made to adopt them, right? Well, think again! The US Government recently demonstrated who has the real power.

The foundation of the Internet is the "A root server". It holds the original list recording the allocation of top level domain names (Internet addresses}. This database is mirrored on another 12 root servers throughout the world. It is updated daily and is responsible for sending all Internet communications in the right direction. The US Government has a direct role in operating half of the world’s root servers.



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