Life-long learning for reforming law, refining lawyers, refreshing education

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Gygar, T. & Lauchland, K. (2008). Life-long learning for reforming law, refining lawyers, refreshing education. In L. Guofu (Ed.), Legal relevance and good governance: Comparative law study in the Asia Pacific region (pp. 154-166). China: China Economic Publishing House.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR: 1801



Introduction: The Lawyer in the 21st Century
In modern countries with rapidly changing laws and developing legal systems, traditional education in law has less value than in times past. Law school education which emphasizes memorization of existing knowledge and unthinking acceptance of current practice will not develop valuable graduates who can operate effectively in a global context, embrace and assist with law reform and successfully respond to change. In this paper we consider approaches to help produce competent and thoughtful professionals who can continue to grow and develop throughout their careers. In particular we draw on our (admittedly limited) experience of teaching in Asia to propose ways law schools can approach legal education to increase the value of graduates to developing and dynamic societies such as China.

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