An Australian view: The Queensland Land Title Act 1994

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January 2002

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Book Chapter

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Weir, Michael (2002). An Australian view: The Queensland Land Title Act 1994. In D. Grinlinton (Ed), Torrens in the Twenty-first Century (pp. 295-309). Wellington: Lexis Nexis NZ.


This book represents a collection of papers drawn from the 'Taking Torrens into the 21st century' conference, marking the 50th anniversry of the Land Transfer Act 1952, held at the Faculty of Law, University of Auckland, 19-21 March, 2003. The conference attracted leading Judges, academics and lawyers from Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries that share the Torrens system of land title registration. The conference was timely as both a celebration of the endurance of the Torrens system in Australasia for over 140 years, and as providing an academic forum to debate the impact of the new “electronic era” of conveyancing and land title registration. This chapter by Michael Weir was presented as a paper to the conference.

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