Members of parliament: Law and ethics

Gerard Carney, Bond University

Document Type Book

Carney, Gerard (2000) Members of parliament: Law and ethics. Sydney: Prospect Media/Butterworths.

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Members of Parliament - Law and Ethics provides a critical appraisal of the legal and ethical standards of members which underpin the integrity of our parliamentary institutions, by focusing on the three sources of those standards: Part I - Qualifications and disqualifications Part II - Parliamentary privilege Part III - Standards of conduct Linking these three areas is the fundamental duty of members to act in the public interest rather than in their personal interest. While the focus is particularly on the position of members of all Australian parliaments and legislatures, the principles examined are relevant to all Westminster parliaments throughout the Commonwealth. Part I provides a comprehensive analysis of the highly technical grounds of disqualification which candidates and members need to avoid to prevent disqualification from parliament. Part II commences with an overview of the powers and immunities which members enjoy as parliamentary privileges and then proceeds to examine contemporary issues including the impact of the implied freedom of political communication. Part III focuses on particular legal and ethical standards of members, such as those in relation to corruption, confidentiality, and conflict of interest.