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January 1997

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Journal Article

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Wade, John (1997) Four Evaluation Studies of Family Mediation Services in Australia is published in the Australian Journal of Family Law, Sydney, Butterworths, Volume 12, 1997, pp. 343-348.

Reproduced with permission. For any future reproduction of this article please contact LexisNexis, Australia


Over the last century, it has been very rare for any systematic attempt to be made to evaluate customer satisfaction with lawyering or judging in Australia or elsewhere. Of course a century of anecdotes abound.

By way of dramatic contrast, other groups of skilled helpers are subjected to repetitive systematic surveys which reflect customer perceptions. In Australia and elsewhere, junior, pioneering and diverse work groups known as “mediators” have been examined by numerous systematic evaluations in the short decade or two of their existence. This note will comment on four recent evaluations of family mediation services in Australia.



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