Dueling Experts

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January 2006

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Book Chapter

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Wade, John H. (2006) Dueling Experts, Chapter 60, pp. 523-534 taken from: Schneider, Andrea Kupfer and Honeyman, Christopher, editors, The Negotiator's Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator; American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, Chicago, 2006.

2006 HERDC submission


Your case is complicated: it involves specialized knowledge, and without some help, the judge probably won't undertand it and the jury certainly won't. Furthermore, your chances of negotiating a settlement depend on getting some degree of shared understanding with the other side of what the facts are. So you've hired your expert, and the other side has hired its expert-and now the experts themselves are locked in combat. Could your avoid this next time? In the meantime, what do you do now? Wade analyzes your options at every stage, and shows how even when the experts have delivered black-versus-white reports of the facts, you can still salvage the situation. ©2006 American Bar Association.

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