Bargaining in the Shadow of the Tribe

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January 2006

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Book Chapter

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Wade, John H. (2006) Bargaining in the Shadow of the Tribe, Chapter 55, pp. 475-484 taken from: Schneider, Andrea Kupfer and Honeyman, Christopher, editors, The Negotiator's Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator; American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, Chicago, 2006.
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2006 HERDC submission


The negotiations have gone on for hours or months or years. A deal is at hand. And now, the other side mentions for the first time that the approval of some previously unrecognized person is required, or there is no deal. Could you have prepared for this? Do you have options at this point? Are you, perhaps, the negotiator making the dread announcement that you must repond to a higher power before a deal's a deal? Here, Wade meticulously deconstructs the circumstances that lead to "shadow of the tribe" negotiations, and suggests what you can do. ©2006 American Bar Association.

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