A unified logical model for CBR-based e-commerce systems

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Sun, Z. & Finnie, G. (2005). A unified logical model for CBR-based e-commerce systems. International journal of intelligent systems, 20(1), 29-46.

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2005 HERDC submission.

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This article examines new issues resulting from applying case-based reasoning (CBR) in e-commerce and proposes a unified logical model for CBR-based e-commerce systems (CECS) that consists of three cycles and covers almost all activities of applying CBR in e-commerce. This article also decomposes case adaptation into problem adaptation and solution adaptation, which not only improves the understanding of case adaptation in the traditional CBR, but also facilitates the refinement of activity of CBR in e-commerce and intelligent support for e-commerce. It then investigates CBR-based product negotiation. This article thus gives insight into how to use CBR in e-commerce and how to improve the understanding of CBR with its applications in e-commerce from a logical viewpoint.

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