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Sun, Z. & Finnie, G. (2005). MEBRS: A multiagent architecture for an experience based reasoning system. In R. Khosla, R. J. Howlett & L. C. Jain (Eds.), Knowledge-based intelligent information and engineering systems: Part 1 (pp.972-978). Germany: Springer.

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2005 HERDC submission.

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This paper reviews eight different inference rules for experience based reasoning (EBR), and proposes a multiagent architecture for an EBR system, which constitutes an important basis for developing any multiagent EBR systems (EBRS). The proposed architecture consists of a global experience base (GEB), and a multi-inference engine (MIE), which is the mechanism for implementing eight reasoning paradigms based on eight inference rules for EBR. The proposed approach will facilitate research and development of experience management, knowledge-based systems, and recognition of fraud and deception in e-commerce.



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