U-commerce and trust in digital ecosystems

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Finnie, G., Shi, H. & Barker, J. R. (2007). U-commerce and trust in digital ecosystems. Paper presented at the IEEE DEST 2007: Inaugural IEEE international Digital EcoSystems and Technologies conference: Business ecosystems for small and medium enterprises, Cairns, Australia.

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© Copyright IEEE Computer Society, 2007.


The digital ecosystem model provides a useful paradigm to view the interaction of competing and cooperating entities in an on-line real-time dynamic information environment of real-time enterprises (RTE’s). The real-time enterprise view has however tended to focus on the larger players while the ecosystem model allows small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) to play a role. At this level the need for intelligent agency to automate the interactions is essential.

The paper reviews the multi-agent trading model and discusses the move in focus from goods to services occurring in developed economies. In addition, the rapid developments in technology have led to changes in the options available to electronic trading environments, with the concept of u-commerce being the latest view of what will be possible.

In an automated trading environment, the notion of trust should be modelled and formalised. The paper reviews some previous work on trust and then discusses how the technologies available in u-commerce might provide a richer framework for assessing the trustworthiness of participants in the trading cycle.

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