Performance analysis of game world partitioning methods for multiplayer mobile gaming

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Prasetya, K., & Wu, Z. D. (2008). Performance analysis of game world partitioning methods for multiplayer mobile gaming. Paper presented at the NetGames 2008: 7th annual workshop on Network and systems support for Games, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 0804

© Copyright Kusno Prasetya & Zheng Da Wu, 2008


Fast development and increasing trend in multiplayer mobile gaming have created a new challenge to offer better gaming experience to mobile user. With current problems in mobile network revolving around instability of its connection, one way to minimize the impact is to reduce the amount of required state update. Game world partition has been used in multiplayer online game to provide better network management and reduce the number of network traffic by filtering the receiver for state update. In this paper, we define the metric for performance analysis specifically for game world partition. Furthermore, we propose our method where its design consideration is to keep game mechanics simple but also efficient in network resource usage for mobile gaming. We call it Brickworks with Internal Partitions (BIP). In order to compare current methods with ours, we used a simulator which takes random player movement pattern as the input and generate results based on metrics explained in this paper. Our simulation shows better result for BIP compared to other traditional partition method and based on our analysis, it will not consume much of computing resources because of its simple mechanism.

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