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Sugden, S., Duszczyk, B., (1989) EASIPLOT a graphics tool for ordinary differential equations, Presented at the ASCILITE 1989 Conference, 9pp.

© Copyright Stephen Sugden and Bernard Duszczyk, 1989.

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Advanced computer hardware available at Bond University made it possible to aim fairly high when planning our graphics CAL program for support of introductory calculus and differential equations subjects. Having laboratories equipped with IBM PS/2 60 machines having VGA graphics (16 colours at 640x480 resolution), some exciting possibilities emerged. The fast pace at which events happen at Bond University has had a great influence on planning, and while many candidates for plotting on MS-DOS machines were considered, none was considered entirely suitable. EASIPLOT features cartesian, polar, parametric plotting in the (x,y) plane with the facility to plot more than one function simultaneously. Families of curves can be defined and plotted and the integrals of first-order ordinary differential equations can be graphed.