A Scenario of a Web User Interface Tool for Electronic Meeting Document Generation and Presentation

Gitesh K. Raikundalia, Bond University
Michael J. Rees, Bond University

Document Type Conference Proceeding

From the Proceedings of QCHI'95, Bond University, August 1995, pp 63-71.


Log files generated by electronic meeting software record the remarks typed by meeting participants and many other meeting events. In their raw format, these meeting logs are not convenient for the meeting participants to read and use as input to future meetings. LoganWeb is a tool which processes meeting log files and produces polymorphic meeting documents which contain a variety of summaries in human-readable form such a keyword indexes and participants summaries.

LoganWeb generates polymorphic documents in the HTML format used for laying out documents on the World-Wide Web (Web). This allows exploitation of the powerful Web layout, hypertext and user interface facilities. Using a Web browser alongside the electronic meeting tools allows remotely located participants to consult valuable polymorphic documents from the current and past meetings.

This paper describes the design of the user interface which is generated by LoganWeb in HTML. The design includes the extensive use of hyperlinks to bring together related meeting information. The powerful features of LoganWeb are illustrated by means of a meeting scenario which shows the main features of the meeting document tool and its user interface.


This document has been peer reviewed.