Corruption, Governance and Economic Development in Pakistan

Sajid Anwar, University of Adelaide
Ahmed M. Khalid, Bond University

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Anwar, Sajid and Khalid, Ahmed M. (2006) Corruption, governance and economic development in Pakistan is a book chapter in Corruption, governance and democracy in South Asia: Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, May, R.J. and Ray, Binayak editors, 2006, Towards Freedom, Kolkata, India.
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2006 HERDC submission


The aim of this chapter is to examine how high levels of corruption and lack of good governance have contributed to Pakistan's slow growth. The first section of the chapter provides an historical overview of Pakistan's economic growth path since independence. The second section investigates the issue of corruption in Pakistan's context and its implications for growth. The implications of poor governance on growth are examined in the third section. The fourth section looks for some remedies to control corruption and establish good governance. Copyright © 1996-2007 All Rights Reserved.


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