Secure Document Circulation: An Architecture for e-Health

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October 2006

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Conference Paper

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Bracher, Shane and Krishnan, Padmanabhan (2006) Secure Document Circulation: An Architecture for e-Health presented at ehPASS'06, National e-Health Privacy and Security Symposium, 24-25 October 2006, Queensland University of Technology.
To obtain a copy of this presentation contact Organising Committee, ehPASS '06, National e-Health Privacy and Security Symposium 2006

2006 HERDC submission


We present an architecture for the secure circulation of electronic medical records. The architecture considers two issues prevalent in e-health - inter-operability and secure and privacy - and is designed for inter-organisational information flow. We focus our attention on the protection of patient privacy and discuss how privacy policies are applied and enforced on medical records. A key feature of the architecture is that privacy policies are not assumed to be complete. For cases where policies do not contain sufficient information to make a privacy-related decision, we show how a simple reasoning scheme can be used based on the "need to know" principle. Copyright © QUT. All rights reserved

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