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Alam, M. & Wu, Z. D. (2008). Dimensioning and optimization of push-to-talk over cellular server. International journal of network management, 18(1), 47-63.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 1005

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The PoC (push-to-talk over cellular) application allows point-to-point or point-to-multipoint voice communication between mobile network users. The related work over PoC focuses on the performance analysis only and is ignorant about dimensioning a PoC controller to optimize revenue for service providers. In this paper, we dimension a PoC service with the assumption that the network grade of service is provided. The on-demand sessions should have access priority over pre-established sessions. A PoC controller should be able to terminate a PoC session based on an optimal timer. Moreover, the number of simultaneous session initiations by a PoC client is also a configurable parameter. We derived relations to provide access priority to special PoC sessions based on available transmit/receive units (TRU) and threshold level. Load sharing expressions are reported for a PoC controller using the Lagrange multiplier technique. A simple relation to control the PoC session timer is proposed. Finally, the derivation of maximum number of allowable simultaneous sessions is depicted using two-state Markov models. Numerical results have been computed with the corresponding derivation to provide a useful insight into the system behaviour. APoC service can benefit from these optimal values of our work during the busy hour.



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