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Wu, Zheng da, Noble, Chris and Huang, D., Optimal Video Distribution Using Anycasting Service, presented at INET'99 Proceedings of the Internet Global Summit, Internet Society, 22-25 June, 1999, San Jose, U.S.A.
Also available on-line at Proceedings of the Internet Society (INET'99)


In the Internet, a group of replicated servers is commonly used in order to improve the scalability of a networked service. An anycasting service is the new network service that resolves an anycast address to one its member IP address from the group. The anycasting service uses some criteria to choose the one "best" server as a destination. In this paper we will present an optimal algorithm for mapping each anycasting query from clients into the one "best" video distribution server of replicas, such as Video-On-Demand servers on the Internet. The algorithm is developed at application-layer of the network based on economic models and queuing theory. By using this algorithm clients can get maximal satisfaction while system resources can be utilized most efficiently.



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