Localizing and identifying theory: A meta-theoretical approach

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Hovorka, D. S., & Larsen, K. (2012). Localizing and identifying theory: A meta-theoretical approach. Paper presented at ISF 2012 Workshop: Information Systems Foundations: Theorising in a dynamic discipline, Canberra, Australia.

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© Copyright D. S. Hovorka & K. Larsen, 2012


Despite extensive research in Information Systems regarding the development, anatomy, evaluation , characteristics of, and nativeness of theory, the identity of theory remains problematic. Theories develop over time and as the constituent variable and associations are modified, the “true” representation of a theory becomes a salient question. In this research, theory domains for quantitative theories are located and identified in a large-scale nomological net. This metatheoretical approach is demonstrated to provide researchers a method for comparison of the degree of evidentiary support for theory domains, locating areas of theoretical saturation and sparsity, and identifying possible pathways for theory integration and extension.