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Hovorka, D. S., Larsen, K. R., Birt, J., & Finnie, G. (in press). A meta-theoretic approach to theory integration in information systems. Paper presented at the 46th Hawaii Conference of System Sciences, January 7-10, 2013. Manoa, Hawaii

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© Copyright D. S. Hovorka, K. R. Larsen, J. Birt & G. Finnie, 2013


This research presents a meta-theoretic analysis of a nomological net for the purpose of identification of potential pathways for theory integration and multi-level theory development. Success in these two areas holds the potential to reduce theory clutter in IS and related social sciences. As a proof-of-concept, we identify theory domains that share ancillary variables or functional/structural components, using a 20-year sample of construct-based quantitative research published in core journals of the IS discipline. Identification of shared variables provide possible extension and integration development that will reduce theory fragmentation and may lead to discovery of fundamental unifying processes that underlie phenomena across disciplines.