A design framework for researching collaborative learning environments

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Hovorka, D.S., Rees, M.J. & Alkilani, A.H. (2010). A design framework for researching collaborative learning environments. Paper presented at the 21st Australasian Conference on Information Systems: ACIS 2010, Brisbane, Australia.

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2010 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 080600

© Copyright Dirk S. Hovorka, Michael J. Rees & Amjad Alkilani, 2010


Despite the increasing use of communication and social media technologies in higher education teaching environments, and an extensive literature describing the potential of using technology in teaching, there is limited empirical literature demonstrating that technology enhances learning. The widespread adoption of some Web 2.0 and other mature technologies in education creates an opportunity to extend current research by identifying relationships between these technologies and pedagogically informed interactions within a Community of Inquiry. In this research, we propose a conceptual framework linking educational pedagogy, technological support of learning interactions, and emergent teaching, social and cognitive presences, which are linked with learning outcomes. This framework grounds discussion of the future design and evaluation of a prototype Collaborative Learning Environment based on the proposed interactions. Additional future research based on this framework is discussed.



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