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Barker, J. R. & Sabry, K. (2009). A dynamic information generation approach for HE: IG3 characteristics. Technology, pedagogy and education; Journal of the Association of Information Technology in Teacher Education (ITTE).

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This paper proposes the integration of Information Generation 3 (IG3) principles to education systems to advance curriculum and instruction from traditional static designs to build dynamic learning communities and courses in higher education. Dynamic information should stimulate and support methodological flexibility for converging learner-centred and knowledge-centred education environments. This convergence is achieved through a complex mix of connected digital devices and pedagogical methods proven effective by any number of learning theories. Flexibility and diversity are important principles in the IG3 approach to permit the application of multiple scalable digital communication tools, teaching methods and decision-making to advance this new direction. The paper concludes with a proposed list of IG3 characteristics and a model to implement the design of Dynamic Education Systems.



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