Evolving platforms for process integration in supply networks

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Barker, J. & Finnie, G. (2004). Evolving platforms for process integration in supply networks. Paper presented at the CollECTeR 2004: Twelfth CollECTeR workshop on ecommerce, Adelaide, Australia.

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2004 HERDC submission.

© Copyright Jeff Barker & Gavin Finnie, 2004


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platforms have evolved over time to assist in process integration, initially within departments, then within locations, then within enterprises and currently, within limited supply chains. Over the past few years, many parallel developments have taken place in a number of disciplines as well as ICT, such as manufacturing philosophies, supply chain management, business software and artificial intelligence. These developments have affected the way that business is done and they have created a plethora of new methodologies such as e-commerce, e-business, m-commerce and, recently, silent commerce.

This paper investigates the convergence of a number of the above to define the next step in the evolution of ICT platforms for business process integration which we have termed the “agent-based dynamic supply” platform.



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