Case base building with similarity relations

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Sun, Z., Finnie, G. & Weber, K. (2004). Case base building with similarity relations. Information sciences, 165(1-2), 21-43.

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2004 HERDC submission.

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This paper has two main contributions. Firstly, it shows that similarity relations are an adequate means of formalization not only for case retrieval but also for case base building. Secondly, this paper provides a theoretical formalization for building case bases in case-based reasoning and presents three algorithms for case base building. The proposed approach argues that case base building can be based on both similarity relations and fuzzy similarity relations, which are both defined on the possible world of problems and solutions respectively. Thus case base building is a form of similarity-based reasoning. This approach is an extension for the logical and fuzzy approach to case based reasoning. The proposed methods and algorithms can be applied to reduction of case base size.

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