Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Documents from 2008


Book review 'Diary of a French girl: Surviving intercultural encounters', Shelley Kinash


Child as researcher: within and beyond the classroom, Shelley A. Kinash and Madison Hoffman


My next client: Understanding the Big Five and positive personality dispositions of those seeking psychosocial support interventions., Karen D. Klockner and Richard Hicks


Childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse in relation to depression and coping, Sonja Lee, Michael Lyvers, and Mark Edwards

Culture matters: Forensic issues for Australian indigenous peoples, Robyn Lincoln


Mood and interpersonal functioning in heavy smokers, Michael Lyvers, Fred Arne Thorberg, Alana Dobie, Joanna Huang, and Priya Reginald


Conducting ethnographic research on language-like visual communication., Marilyn Mitchell

Consolidating the gains made in diplomacy studies: A taxonomy, Stuart Murray


Scandalising media freedom: resurrection of an ancient contempt, Mark Pearson


Government media relations: A 'spin' through the literature, Mark Pearson and Roger Patching

Offender profiling in Australia, Wayne Petherick

Stalking, Wayne A. Petherick

Behavioural evidence analysis: Ideo-deductive method of criminal profiling, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Criminal motivation, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Criminal profiling, the scientific method, and logic, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Nomothetic methods of criminal profiling, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Victimology, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey


What video games teach about conflict, Mary Power

Use of the crisis frame in UK, USA and Australian newspapers in 2006, Mary Power and Hamish Mclean

Communication and culture: signing deaf people online in Europe, Mary Power and Des Power

Homophobia: Towards an Australian history, Shirleene Robinson

Homophobia: Towards writing an Australian history, Shirleene Robinson

On the frontline: The queer press and the fight against homophobia, Shirleene Robinson

Regulating homosexuality: Australia’s early gay press and the censorship struggle, Shirleene Robinson

Something like slavery? : Queensland's Aboriginal child workers, 1842-1945, Shirleene Robinson

The question of genocide and indigenous child removal: The colonial Australian context, Shirleene Robinson and Jessica Paten

Preserving the traditions of a 'great race': Youth and national character in Queensland, 1859-1918., Shirleene Robinson and Emily Wilson


Australian Children: Locally Secure, Globally Afraid?, Jonathon Sargeant


Psychological distress among prostate cancer patients: Fact or fiction?, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David H. R. Christie

Family history of breast cancer, health beliefs and knowledge in the practice of breast self-examination, Jennifer Stephan and Richard Hicks

Development of a new measure of adolescent depression, Mona Taouk and Mark Bahr

Predicting individual differences in future violence among juvenile offenders, Bruce Watt and Michelle Perrin


Megafauna demography and late Quaternary climatic change in Australia: A predisposition to extinction, Steve Webb

Physical webbing: Group construction of three-dimensional mindmaps to build understanding and knowledge., Marian Williams

The tower of Bloom: Modeling constructionism and active learning in preservice teacher education classrooms, Marian Williams


SkillQuests: bringing real life to the classroom with a collaborative computerbased instructional tool, Marian Williams, Shilo Brosnan, and Jenna Swan

‘Someone who is sick and in need of help’: Medical attitudes to homosexuality in Australia, 1960-1979, Emily Wilson

Terrorism in Australia, Paul Wilson

Five drops of blood, Paul Wilson and Dianne McInnes

The last truth to determine but the first to consider: Navigating negative response distortion on the PAI in a forensic context, Jacqueline Yoxall, Mark Bahr, and Norman R. Barling

What we think affects how we behave: The relationship between beliefs and practice in psychologists' detection of malingering, Jacqueline Yoxall, Mark Bahr, and Norman R. Barling

Documents from 2007

The globalization of world politics: Case studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific


A variation on functional analysis in the classroom: A clinical note, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F. Sharpley, and Robyn Hawkins


Uncovering the place of creative non-fiction in Australian journalism departments, Molly Blair


An overview of contemporary personality assessment, Gregory J. Boyle


Circumcision of Healthy Boys: Criminal Assault?, Gregory J. Boyle, J. Steven Svoboda, Christopher P. Price, and J. Neville Turner


Interactive Australia 2007 : facts about the Australian computer and video game industry, Jeffrey E. Brand

Effects of contextual cues in recall and recognition memory: The misinformation effect reconsidered, Justine M. Campbell, Mark Edwards, Mark S. Horswill, and Shaun M. Helman


Abandoning identity protection for juvenile offenders, Duncan Chappell and Robyn Lincoln


Can work preferences (personality based) differentiate between employees scoring high or low in general mental health?, Genevieve V. Colling and Richard Hicks

Who killed Leanne Holland? one girl's murder and one man's injustice, Graeme Crowley and Paul Wilson


Sino-Indonesian relations: Lessons from the past, Rosita Dellios


Poverty and its possible cures: Abe Isoo and Kawakami Hajime, Masako Gavin


Motivating English-language learners through drama techniques, Chamkaur Gill

Dead bodies don't count: civilian casualties and the forgotten costs of the Iraq conflict, Richard Hil and Paul Wilson


It’s football but not as you know it: Using Public Relations to promote the world game in Australia, Maria Hopwood

The sport integrated marketing communications mix, Maria Hopwood

Sports public relations, Maria K. Hopwood

Media relations: Issues and strategies, Jane Johnston


Functional consistency across two behavioural modalities: fire-setting and self harm in female special hospital patients, Sarah Miller and Katarina Fritzon

Design of the Gregorian calendar: Influences of cognitive and social needs, natural phenomena, technology, power structures, and pragmatics, Marilyn Mitchell


Representations of time in computer interface design, Marilyn Mitchell

Australian federal police as unconventional diplomats: the RAMSI case, Stuart Murray

Open for business: Australian uranium for sale!, Stuart Murray

Push for independence: The West Papuan nation, Stuart Murray


Sexually dimorphic effects of acute nicotine administration on arousal and visual-spatial ability in non-smoking human volunteers, David L. Neumann, Zoë T. Fitzgerald, John J. Furedy, and Gregory J. Boyle


Understanding change in a therapeutic community: An action systems approach, Lucy Neville, Sarah Miller, and Katarina Fritzon


Culture and identity in study abroad contexts: after Australia, French without France, Marie-Claire Patron


A review of Australia's defamation reforms after a year of operation, Mark Pearson


Learning to value media freedom in an age of spin, Mark Pearson


Media freedom in Australia: rhetoric versus reality, Mark Pearson

The Journalist’s Guide to Media Law. Dealing with legal and ethical issues, Mark Pearson


The Australian parliament and press freedom in an international context, Mark Pearson and Camille Galvin


Asia Pacific economic cooperation (APEC): economic cooperation through political conflict, Jonathan H. Ping


The Asian financial crisis: The International Monetary Fund's increasing importance, Jonathan H. Ping

The 'crisis' frame in Australian newspaper reports in 2005, Mary Power and Hamish McLean

Queensland’s queer press, Shirleene Robinson

Australian children’s identification of relationships as the key to happiness, Jonathon Sargeant


Children being children: the value of an importance filter, Jonathon Sargeant

Crossing the line from student to teacher : implications for teacher educators, Jonathon Sargeant

What do you need to be happy? - Children’s perspectives, Jonathon Sargeant

Causal 'mapping' of depression and anxiety among prostate cancer patients: A preliminary interview study, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David R. H. Christie

Do smoking cues make you want to smoke? And is it your parents’ fault?, S. Thorpe and Richard Hicks

Further research of the Willandra Lakes fossil footprint site, southeastern Australia, Steve Webb

Crime, Paul Wilson


What do the watchers watch? an Australian case study of CCTV monitoring, Paul Wilson and Helene Wells

Documents from 2006


Connecting Diversity: Paradoxes of Multicultural Australia, Ien Ang, Jeffrey E. Brand, Greg Noble, and Jason Sternberg


Effect of Belief in “Psychic Healing” on Self-Reported Pain in Chronic Pain Sufferers, Norman Barling, Jill Harding-Clark, and Michael Lyvers

Limitations of functional analysis: The case for including valued outcomes analysis in the investigation of difficult behaviour, Vicki Bitsika

Treating the client rather than the symptoms: Moving beyond manualised treatments in psychotherapy, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley

Representations of ALANA in Computer and Video Games, Jeffrey E. Brand, Jakub Majewski, and Scott J. Knight


Gender preference in journalism education: why sport misses out, John Cokley, Roger Patching, and Paul Scott


Agent-based Theories of Right Action, Damian Cox


Violinists run amuck in South Dakota: Screen doors down in the badlands, Damian Cox and Michael Levine

Inequalities of Crime, Kathleen Daly and Robyn Lincoln

Selective processing of masked and unmasked verbal threat material in anxiety: Influence of an immediate acute stressor, Mark S. Edwards, Jennifer S. Burt, and Ottmar V. Lipp

Indonesia, ASEAN and the ASEAN regional forum: Convergent Trends in Regional and National Development, R. James Ferguson


Effects of RSA feedback on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder symptomatology, Phillip Fourie

Contrasting definitions of self: migrants and stayers, Alison Green and Mary Power


Defining transnationalism boundaries: New Zealand migrants in Australia, Alison Green and Mary R. Power