Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Documents from 2010

The criminal investigator, Terry Goldsworthy

Migrating close to home: New Zealand migrants' identity in Australia, Alison E. Green and Mary R. Power

Introduction: Context and background to Australian research in personality and individual differences, Richard Hicks

A history of public relations on screen: Cinema and television depictions since the 1920s, Jane Johnston


Girls on screen: How film and television depict women in public relations, Jane Johnston


Towards a narratology of court reporting, Jane Johnston and Rhonda Breit

Same copy, different outlet: Wire services, journalism and the erosion from within, Jane Johnston and Susan Forde

Origination and the holy mark of the Motherless Body: Pilate's absent navel in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, Julie Kelso

When cherubim touch: The cleaving feminine wing of the dual-gendered cherubim in 2 Chronicles (Divrei Hayammim) 3: 11-12, Julie Kelso

Introduction, Robyn Lincoln and Shirleene Robinson

When the penalty was death, Robyn Lincoln and Shirleene Robinson


Drinking motives, drinking restraint and drinking behaviour among young adults, Michael Lyvers, Penelope Hasking, Riana Hani, Madolyn Rhodes, and Emily Trew


Negative mood regulation expectancies, frontal lobe related behaviors and alcohol use, Michael Lyvers, Fred Arne Thorberg, Adrienne Ellul, Jan Turner, and Mark Bahr


Effects of acute alcohol consumption on executive cognitive functioning in naturalistic settings, Michael Lyvers and Juliette Tobias-Webb

Personality and task performance, Trishita Mathew and Richard Hicks

Persistence in Japanese language study in universities in Australia: Why do university students drop out of the language courses?, Masanori Matsumoto

Are you a perfectionist and does it matter? Depression and perfectionism in Australian university students, Maryke R. Mead and Richard E. Hicks


An analysis of road signage and advertising from a pragmatic visual communication perspective: Case study of the M1 Motorway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Marilyn Mitchell


The development of automobile speedometer dials: A balance of ergonomics and style, regulation and power, Marilyn Mitchell

Effects of nicotine administration via a sublingual tablet on arousal and verbal ability in non-smokers, David Neumann, Ashley C. Sturm, Gregory J. Boyle, and John J. Furedy

Erasing Iraq: The human costs of carnage, Michael Otterman, Richard Hil, and Paul Wilson

Coping strategies employed by university students in handling their occupational role stress, Tanya Paspaliaris and Richard E. Hicks

Suppression orders: Reskilling journalists and the judiciary, Mark Pearson and Caroline Graham


Quantifying government media relations in Queensland, Mark Pearson and Hamish Mclean

Multimedia journalism as a research method - A new approach, Mark Pearson and Roger Patching

The validation of a screening tool for the assessment of violence risk among juvenile offenders, Michelle A. Perrin, Bruce D. Watt, and Tasneem Hasan

Criminal profiling, Wayne A. Petherick and Claire E. Ferguson

Ethics for the forensic criminologist, Wayne A. Petherick and Claire E. Ferguson

Forensic criminological assessments, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Premises liability, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey

Writing forensic reports, Wayne A. Petherick and Brent E. Turvey


The internet and government disability policy development in the United Kingdom, Des Power and Mary R. Power


Communicating with Australian deaf people about communication technology, Mary R. Power and Des Power

Homophobia as party politics: The construction of the `Homosexual Deviant' in Joh Bjelke-Petersen's Queensland, Shirleene Robinson

Race and reformation: Treatment of children in nineteenth and early twentieth century Australia, Shirleene Robinson

Responding to homophobia: HIV/AIDS, homosexual community formation and identity in Queensland, 1983-1990, Shirleene Robinson

Speaking out: Stopping homophobic and transphobic abuse in Queensland, Shirleene Robinson and Alan Berman


Selecting a directional methodology for a creative practice film, Michael Sergi


Is depression 'evolutionary' or just 'adaptive'? A comment, Christoper F. Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika

Incidence and nature of anxiety-depression comorbidity in prostate cancer patients, Christoper F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David R. H. Christie

Variability in anxiety and depression over time following diagnosis in patients with prostate cancer, Christoper F. Sharpley, David R. H. Christie, and Vicki Bitsika

The diverse neurogeography of emotional experience: Form follows function, Christoper Francis Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika


Joining the dots: Neurobiological links in a functional analysis of depression, Christopher F. Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika

Understanding the functionality of depression among Australian breast cancer patients: Implications for cognitive and behavioural interventions, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David R. H. Christie

Researching with children: Conversations with preadolescent children about their lives, Jenna Swan

Ask us, don’t tell us: Investigating preadolescent and adolescent perspectives on wellbeing, Jenna Swan and Jonathon Sargeant

Researching journalists and vulnerable sources: Issues in the design and implementation of a national study, Stephen Tanner, Mark Pearson, Kerry Green, and Joylon Sykes

Measuring adolescent depression: The Adolescent Depression Scale, Mona Taouk and Mark Bahr


Attachment in relation to affect regulation and interpersonal functioning among substance use disorder inpatients, Fred Arne Thorberg and Michael Lyvers

A psychometric comparison of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) and the Observer Alexithymia Scale (OAS) in an alcohol-dependent sample, Fred Arne Thorberg, Ross McD Young, Karen A. Sullivan, Michael Lyvers, Jason P. Connor, and Gerald F. X. Feeney

A confirmatory factor analysis of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) in an alcohol-dependent sample, Fred Arne Thorberg, Ross McD. Young, Karen A. Sullivan, Michael Lyvers, Cameron Hurst, Jason P. Connor, and Gerald F. X. Feeney

Alexithymia in alcohol dependent patients is partially mediated by alcohol expectancy, Fred Arne Thorberg, Ross McD Young, Karen A. Sullivan, Michael Lyvers, Cameron P. Hurst, Jason P. Connor, and Gerald F. X. Feeney

Forensic scientists, Brent E. Turvey

An introduction to forensic criminology, Brent E. Turvey and Wayne A. Petherick

Cognitive ethos of the forensic examiner, Brent E. Turvey and Wayne A. Petherick

The origins of forensic criminology, Brent E. Turvey and Wayne A. Petherick

Forensic criminology in correctional settings, Brent E. Turvey and Angela N. Torres

The virus of violence: The relationship between victimisation and aggression, Bruce D. Watt and Mattias J. Allard

Explaining individual differences in physical aggression among a community sample, Bruce D. Watt, Erica Begelhole, and Nicole Guse

Palaeotrophic reconstruction and climatic forcing of mega-Lake Eyre in late Quaternary Central Australia: A review, Steve Webb

Human rights abuses in psychiatry in Australia: A watershed national inquiry, Emily Wilson

Prevention is better than cure: Eugenics in Queensland 1900-1950, Emily Wilson


Do normal people commit genocide? Observations from the Cambodian trial of 'Duch', Paul Wilson

Terrorism in Australia: Past, present and future, Paul Wilson

Why psychopaths like Dexter aren't really all that bad, Paul Wilson

A multimodal approach to assessment of malingered posttraumatic stress disorder: The initial validation study of a new Australian instrument, Jacqueline Yoxall, Mark Bahr, and Norman R. Barling

Australian psychologists' beliefs and practice in the detection of malingering, Jacqueline Yoxall, Mark Bahr, and Norman R. Barling

Documents from 2009


Towards the development of a team learning theory for information systems: Implications for universities, academics, and academic developers, Rozz Albon and Tony Jewels


Experience nine more experiential exercises in one action-packed hour, Rae Andre, Amy L. Kenworthy, Roger Putzel, and Michael Shaner

Technological barriers to learning: Designing hybrid pedagogy to minimise cognitive load and maximise understanding, Mark Bahr and Nan Bahr

Positive (but not negative) punishment predicts anxiety and depression among prostate cancer patients: An exploration of the behaviour analytic model of depression, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher Sharpley, and David R. H. Christie

The contribution of anxiety and depression to fatigue among a sample of Australian university students: Suggestions for university counsellors, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F. Sharpley, and Ryan Bell


Methods of personality assessment, Gregory J. Boyle and Edward Helmes

Case study: Australia's computer games audience and restrictive ratings system, Jeffrey E. Brand, Jill Borchard, and Kym Holmes

Informing our own choices: A proposal for user-generated classification, Jeffrey Brand and Mark Finn

The question of crime: How much does the public have the right to know?, Joy Cameron-Dow

'Shhh ... We can't tell you': An update on the naming prohibition of young offenders, Duncan Chappell and Robyn Lincoln

Politics most unusual: Violence, sovereignty and democracy in the 'war on terror', Damian Cox, Michael Levine, and Saul Newman

Going global by using local, Anne Cullen and Dennis C. McCornac


China’s harmonious world (hexie shijie) policy perspective: How Confucian values are entering international society, Rosita Dellios

The relationship between regional governance and global economic security: A focus on the Asia-Pacific region, Rosita Dellios


Food safety and the role of the government: Implications for CSR policies in China, Rosita Dellios, Xiaohua Yang, and Nadir Kemal Yilmaz

Victim lifestyle exposure, Joe M. Diaz, Wayne A. Petherick, and Brent E. Turvey

Arsonists in our midst, Rebekah Doley

A snapshot of serial arson in Australia, Rebekah M. Doley

Assault, Claire Ferguson

Intimate partner violence and homicide, Claire Ferguson

Investigative relevance, Claire Ferguson

Arson in Australia, Claire Ferguson and Jared Kreeger

Victimology: A brief history with an introduction to forensic victimology, Claire Ferguson and Brent E. Turvey

Victimology at trial, Claire Ferguson and Brent E. Turvey

Reforming the organisation of the Islamic conference? Implications for religious dialogue and political pluralism in southeast Asia, R. James Ferguson

ESL learning through drama, Chamkaur Gill

Serial rape: An investigative approach, Terry Goldsworthy


The criminal investigator, Terry Goldsworthy


Girls, girls, girls. A study of the popularity of journalism as a career among female teenagers and its corresponding lack of appeal to young males, Mike Grenby, Molly Kasinger, Roger Patching, and Mark Pearson

Literature review: Ethical and consent issues in involving children and young people in research, Deborah Harcourt and Jonathon Sargeant


The occupational stress inventory-revised: Confirmatory factor analysis of the original inter-correlation data set and model, Richard Hicks, Mark Bahr, and Daisure Fujiwara

Predators: Killers without a conscience, Amanda Howard and Paul Wilson


Developing an IT project management course to meet changing industry needs, Tony Jewels and Rozz Albon