Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Documents from 2015

Differences in the prevalence, severity and symptom profiles of depression in boys and adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder versus normally developing controls, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley


Thinking through Srivijaya: Polycentric networks in traditional Southeast Asia, Rosita Dellios and R. James Ferguson

Eight-month test-retest agreement in morning salivary cortisol, self- and parent-rated anxiety in boys with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Linda L. Agnew, and Nicholas M. Andronicos

Documents from 2014


Variations in the offence actions of deliberate firesetters: A cross-national analysis, Katarina Fritzon, Rebekah Doley, and Kerrilee Hollows

Documents from 2013

The buffering effect of resilience upon stress, anxiety and depression in parents with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F. Sharpley, and Ryan Bell


The internet and privatism: Reconstructing the monitor space, Marcus Breen

Alcohol brands on Facebook: The challenges of regulating brands on social media, Sven Brodmerkel and Nicholas Carah

Relationship of convenience? The diplomatic interplay between the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Commonwealth Games host city, Caitlin Byrne


The strategic century: Australia's Asian century in the context of America's Pacific century, Caitlin Byrne

Realising Australia's international education as public diplomacy, Caitlin Byrne and Rebecca Hall

Research Review: Fragile beginnings - but how much is enough?, Michael Climstein and Joe Walsh

Avatar: racism and prejudice on Pandora, Damian Cox

Judging character, Damian Cox


October and the question of cinematic thinking, Damian Cox

Factors at play in tertiary curriculum gamification, Penny de Byl

Discouraging digital doodling with play in large lecture spaces, Penny de Byl and James Hooper


China's quest for global order: From peaceful rise to harmonious world, Rosita Dellios and R. James Ferguson


Copycat firesetting: Bridging two research areas, Rebekah Doley, Claire Ferguson, and Ray Surette

Maladaptive eating practices as precursors to eating disorders: A method of assessment, Justine L. Ebenreuter and Richard Hicks

What works in reducing arson-related offending, Katarina Fritzon, Rebekah Doley, and Fiona Clark

Abe Isoo's social democratic commitment to future citizens after the high treason incident, Masako Gavin


Enhancing the English-language oral skills of international students through drama, Chamkaur Gill


Enhancing the English-Language oral skills of international students through drama, Chamkaur Gill

Increasing ESL learners’ communicative oral English through drama-based activities, Chamkaur Gill

Oral communication in ESL through improvisations, playwriting and rehearsals, Chamkaur Gill

Wrangling Space: the incoherence of a long-distance life, Donna Henson

Resilience, optimism, hope, and self-efficacy in handling the Global Financial Crisis: Experiences of employees in a multinational industrial organisation operating in Europe, Asia and the United States, Richard E. Hicks and Eva Knies

How are social support, sociotropy and autonomy related to traumatic stress disorders?, Richard Hicks and Sandra Lorensini

Perfectionism, personality, parenting criticism and the unemployed, Richard Hicks and Veronica Midon

Breaking from tradition: developing localised discourses in an emerging global discipline, Jane Johnston


Juries and Social Media: A Report Prepared for the Victorian Department of Justice, Jane Johnston, Patrick Keyzer, Geoffry Holland, Mark L. Pearson, Sharon Rodrick, and Anne Wallace

Communicating justice : A comparison of courts and police use of contemporary media, Jane Johnston and Alyce McGovern


Public relations literature and scholarship in Australia: A brief history of change and diversification, Jane Johnston and Jim McNamara

Australian national identity and the Asian century, Alica Kizekova

Forensic knowledge: Improving public and professional perceptions of DNA evidence, Robyn Lincoln, Joy Cameron-Dow, and Madeleine Jarrett-Luck

The perils of open justice for young people: Research findings from the Top End, Robyn Lincoln and Duncan Chappell


Driver as flashpoint: Designing out crime in the Australian urban bus transport sector, Robyn Lincoln and Yolande Huntingdon

From frustration to flashpoint: Violence and incivility against urban bus drivers, Robyn Lincoln and Yolande Huntingdon

On the move: Issues of mobility, identity, privatisation, autonomy and career for urban bus drivers, Robyn Lincoln and Yolande Huntingdon

Mood, mood regulation expectancies and frontal systems functioning in current smokers versus never-smokers in China and Australia, Michael Lyvers, Cassandra Carlopio, Vicole Bothma, and Mark S. Edwards

Trait mindfulness in relation to emotional self-regulation and executive function, Michael Lyvers, Chloe Makin, Evan Toms, Fred A. Thorberg, and Christina Samios

Work motivation, personality, and culture: Comparing Australia and India, Trishita Mathew, Richard Hicks, and Mark Bahr

Work motivation, personality, and culture: Comparing Australia and India, Trishita Mathew, Richard E. Hicks, and Mark Bahr

Communities of memory: Reflections on toga speeches as collective story making, Krista Mathis and Caroline Graham

Plotinus, self and the world, Raoul Mortley


Moving beyond the ping-pong table: Sports diplomacy in the modern diplomatic environment, Stuart Murray

Sports diplomacy, Stuart Murray


The renaissance of diplomatic theory, Stuart Murray

Mapping the relationship between international sport and diplomacy, Stuart Murray and Geoffrey Allen Pigman

Empathy towards individuals of the same and different ethnicity when depicted in negative and positive contexts, David Neumann, Gregory J. Boyle, and Raymond C.K. Chan


Investigating the relationship between reckless behaviours, gender, psychological mindedness, and attachment security, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Lucas Ford

Evaluating the effectiveness of enhancing resilience in human service professionals using a retreat-based Mindfulness with Metta Training Program: A randomised control trial, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Lucas Ford, and Frances Klaassen


Evaluating the effectiveness of enhancing resilience in human sevice professionals using a retreat-based Mindfulness with Metta Training Program: A randomised control trial, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Lucas Ford, and Frances Klaassen


Mindfulness as a factor in the relationship between insecure attachment style, neurotic personality and disordered eating behaviour, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Alexandra Grainger

Body-focused anxiety in women: Associations with internalization of the thin-ideal, dieting frequency, body mass index and media effects, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Rachel Harker


An investigation of the relationship between resilience, mindfulness, and academic self-efficacy, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Michelle Keye


Mindfulness, empowerment and feminist identity development as protective factors against women developing body image dissatisfaction, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Elyse McNeil


Feasibility and efficacy of willpower strengthening exercises with University students: A randomised control pilot study, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Sophie Monteath

China's relations with India’s neighbours: From threat avoidance to alternative development opportunity, Jonathan H. Ping


Myanmar in the global political economy: Development models, the West and China, Jonathan H. Ping

China’s strategic priorities, Jonathan H. Ping and Brett McCormick

The protective role of compassion satisfaction for therapists who work with sexual violence survivors: an application of the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions, Christina Samios, Lisa Abel, and Amber K. Rodzik


Exploring how Directors comprehend performance, Michael Sergi

Differences in neurobiological pathways of four "clinical content" subtypes of depression, Christopher Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika

Are somatic symptoms a legitimate part of the depression profile in prostate cancer patients?, Christopher Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie


Incidence, structure and interrelationships of subsyndromal depression symptomatology in prostate cancer patients, Christopher Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

Factors associated with feelings of loss of masculinity in men with prostate cancer in the RADAR trial, Christopher Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and James Denham

Do hormone treatments for prostate cancer cause anxiety and depression?, Christopher Sharpley, David Christie, and Vicki Bitsika

Do patient-reported androgen-deprivation therapy side effects predict anxiety and depression among prostate cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy? Implications for psychosocial therapy interventions, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

The incidence and causes of different subtypes of depression in prostate cancer patients: Implications for cancer care, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David H.R. Christie

The effects of low- and high-dose brachytherapy on depressive symptoms in prostate cancer patients, Christopher F. Sharpley, David Christie, Vicki Bitsika, and Andrew Oar

Variability over time-since- diagnosis in the protective effect of psychological resilience against depression in Australian prostate cancer patients: Implications for patient treatment models, Christopher F. Sharpley, Addie Wootten, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie


The effects of somatisation, depression, and anxiety on eating habits among university students, Peta B. Stapleton and Morreen Brunetti

Depression symptoms Improve after successful weight loss with emotional freedom techniques, Peta B. Stapleton, Dawson Church, Terri Sheldon, Brett Porter, and Cassandra Carlopio


Health locus of control, self-awareness, and integrative eating styles in university students, Peta B. Stapleton and Hayley Smith


Mood and food cravings in overweight and obese Australian adults: Clues to treatment in food diaries, Peta Stapleton and Wava Doyle


Constructing body image in university women: The relationship between self-esteem, self-compassion, and intuitive eating., Peta Stapleton and Ankita Nikalje


Quitting smoking: How to use Emotional Freedom Techniques, Peta Stapleton, Brett Porter, and Terri Sheldon

A confirmatory factor analysis of the observer alexithymia scale in treatment seeking alcohol-dependent patients, Fred A. Thorberg, Ross Young, Karen A. Sullivan, Michael Lyvers, Cameron Hurst, Reidar Tyssen, Jason P. Connor, and Gerald F. X. Feeney

The relationship between violent fantasy and alcohol misuse in aggressive behaviours, Bruce Watt, Arisara Kophet, Danet Oberin, and Sean Keating

Complex needs assessment panel and integrated support: Description and initial evaluation, Bruce Watt, Grant Robin, Laura Fleming, and Elke Graf

Attitudes and perceptions of international students and their life in Australia, Beata Webb

Possession in Polish discourse, Beata Webb

Corridors to Extinction and the Australian Megafauna, Steve Webb

The human skeletal remains and their context, Steve Webb and Phillip Edwards

Short research report: A brief report of the characteristics of adolescents with identified sexually abusive behaviours referred to a forensic child and youth mental health service, Tania Withington, James Ogilvie, and Bruce Watt

Documents from 2012

Addressing pedagogical challenges using experiential learning, Krystina Benson


The Committee of Public Information: A transmedia war propaganda campaign, Krystina Benson

Effective and engaging curriculum that challenges and motivates visual arts and design students in today's knowledge economy, James Birt


Which stressors are associated with which forms of depression in a homogenous sample? An analysis of the effects of lifestyle changes and demands on five subtypes of depression, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher Sharpley

Comorbidity of anxiety-depression among Australian university students: Implications for student counsellors, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley

The associations between fatigue and need for recovery with anxiety and depression, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher Sharpley, and Kate Morrison

Clinical neuropsychological assessment: Abbreviating the Halstead Category Test of brain dysfunction, Gregory J. Boyle

Does item homogeneity indicate internal consistency or item redundancy in psychometric scales?, Gregory J. Boyle

Factor structure of the Menstrual Distress Questionnaire (MDQ): Exploratory and Lisrel analyses, Gregory J. Boyle


Circumcision-generated emotions bias medical literature, Gregory J. Boyle and George Hill

Introduction: Intelligence, measurement and assessment, Gregory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske, and Gerald Matthews

Psychological assessment. Four volume set., Gregory J. Boyle, Donald Saklofske, and Gerald Matthews

Mobile learning = Authentic learning: How eBook authoring for tablets inspires students, Jeffrey Brand

Playable books or serious games: Publications that LOVE you!, Jeffrey Brand