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Bond University (2001) Sources of News and Current Affairs, Sydney, Australian Broadcasting Authority.
Copyright © Commonwealth of Australia. Reproduced by permission.
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Stage One of the Australian Broadcasting Authority’s (ABA’s) Sources of News and Current Affairs project, conducted by Bond University’s Centre for New Media Research and Education, develops for the ABA a so-called ‘map’ of the organisation and structure of the news and current affairs production industry. Its industry analysis covers the definitions of news and current affairs; the distinction between news and comment; the notion of ‘influence’; the attitudes, characteristics and influences of news producers; processes, production, distribution and gatekeeping; agenda-setting; syndication and links; ethics, accuracy and credibility; and diversity and local, regional and international coverage. Ownership and control of significant news and current affairs providers is then addressed. Stage Two of the Australian Broadcasting Authority’s Sources of News and Current Affairs project was conducted by the Bond University Centre for New Media Research and Education with the assistance of Deborah Wilson Consulting Services. The purpose of the research in this stage was to examine Australians’ uses of news and current affairs services and the views they hold about them. This report presents the background literature, the methods and findings of a national survey and a series of six focus groups with adults aged 18 years and over.



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