Wrangling Space: the incoherence of a long-distance life

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Henson, D.F. (2013). Wrangling Space: the incoherence of a long-distance life. Qualitative Inquiry. 19 (7), 518-522.

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A ruminative storying and restorying of a life lived in the consequences of space and time, this layered, “disorganized” narrative explores distance in its many and varied forms. Questioning the narrative principle of coherence, the writing plays in the space between presence and absence, distance and desire. Here and there. A psychography of sorts, the resultant piece attempts to make meaning of those interactional accidents of proximity that leave us loved, loving, leaving, or left. And also, and so very inevitably, bruised by the incidental and tedious trauma of it all. In wrangling this space, I seek to embrace the small moments that leave us changed in small ways; those fragments of experience that resist the imposition of coherence, that defy storying, that live on the edge of our narrative world.

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