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Boyle, G. J. (1985). A reanalysis of the higher‑order factor structure of the Motivation Analysis Test and the Eight State Questionnaire. Personality and Individual Differences, 6, 367‑374.

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In an exploratory study of the higher-order factor structure of the Motivation Analysis Test (MAT) and the Eight State Questionnaire (8SQ), Boyle (1983c) obtained an 11-factor solution comprising 9 second-order MAT factors and 2 higher-order 8SQ factors. However, application of more conservative criteria regarding the size of significant factor pattern loadings. significance of derived factors, together with reinterpretation of the appropriate Scree 'break', suggest that in Boyle's earlier analysis two factors too many were extracted. Recalculation of the factor pattern for the MAT (using 8SQ data as 'hyperplane stuff') supports the view that 7 rather than 9 second-order MAT factors were appropriate. A separate dR-factoring of the intercorrelations of the subscale difference scores indicated 3 higher-order 8SQ factors, indicative of change dimensions, and not 2 factors as found in the static single-occasion combined factoring of both the MAT and 8SQ data.

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