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Boyle, G. J., & Smári, J. (1998). Statiska femfaktorpersonlighets-modeller-Svar till Engvik (Static five-factor models of personality: A reply to Engvik). Nordisk Psykologi (Nordic Psychology), 50, 216-222.

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Engvik (1998) has challenged our critique of (1) the ungrounded and excessive reliance on item-transparent, self-report personality measures (Q-data), and of (2) the naive appeal of five-factor models (FFM), in which personality is conceived as a set of static traits not influenced by social experience. In addition, Engvik has attempted to disparage our call for greater emphasis on objective (non-fakeable) performance/test measures of personality (T-data). Despite Engvik's assertion that our arguments are indefensible, there is a great body of empirical evidence and published literature that verifies our view that self-report methodology is seriously flawed, and that conclusions drawn from such measures may be dubious.

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