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Boyle, G. J. (1993). Intelligence and personality measurement within the Cattellian psychometric model. In G.L. Van Heck, P. Bonaiuto, I. J. Deary, & W. Nowack (Eds.), Personality Psychology in Europe, Vol. 4 (Chapter 7, pp. 183-201). Tilburg: Tilburg University Press.



Intrapersonal psychological variables not only include cognitive abilities, but also enduring personality traits (both normal and abnormal), transitory emotional/mood states, and dynamic motivational traits (which are less stable than either abilities or personality traits, but more stable than mood states (cf. Boyle, 1987a; Cattell & Child, 1975). While ability and personality factors are largely independent with relatively minor overlap/redundancy across modalities (Boyle, 1988b; Boyle, Stanley, & Start, 1985), there are nevertheless, some discernible ability-trait interrelationships.

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