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Fernandez, E., & Boyle, G. J. (1996). Meta-analytic procedure and interpretation of treatment outcome and test validity for the practitioner psychologist. In M. Smith & V. Sutherland (Eds.), International Review of Professional Issues in Selection and Assessment, Vol. 2 (Chapter 9, pp. 109-125). New York: Wiley.





This chapter is aimed at the practising industrial/organisational psychologist concerned, for example, with the validity generalisation of personnel selection tests. The practitioner is taken through a sequence of procedures involved in performing a meta-analysis and interpreting the various statistics that emerge every step of the way. Key concepts are expounded so that the reader might not only become proficient in the mechanics of meta-analysis but also conversant in the interpretation of meta-analytic findings. Wherever relevant, a critical approach is adopted, so that the limits to meta-analytic application are appreciated. More generally, the relative merits and shortcomings of meta-analysis are identified within the broader context of research review methodology. Such an appraisal leaves little doubt that meta­analysis has evolved into a useful approach not exempt from criticism but in many ways well advanced beyond the traditional narrative and quasi-statistical approaches to integrating research findings.



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