Research Review: Fragile beginnings - but how much is enough?

Michael Climstein, Bond University
Joe Walsh

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Climstein, M. & Walsh, J. (2013). Research Review: Fragile beginnings - but how much is enough? Network, Summer, 16-17

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© Copyright Mike Climstein & Joe Walsh, 2013



In this Research Review we have taken a slightly different tact than usual and chosen a position statement on a debatable topic that’s very worthy of serious attention. This article it is hot off the press and caught our eye, not because of its title, but because of all the gurus of strength training listed as authors, including (but not limited to) Faigenbaum, Stone, Pierce, Micheli, Kraemer, McBride and Chu. Our philosophy was, if all of these experts are collaborating on an article, it’s a must read. Even better, it’s an International Consensus on youth resistance training, which still remains somewhat contentious. For example, we recently came across an article on a 12-year-old girl who weighed 44kg and squatted 97.5kg, which equates to 2.2 times her bodyweight. Quite an amazing accomplishment – but what are the long-term consequences, if any, of this loading on an immature skeleton?