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May 2003

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Journal Article

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Power, Mary R. (2003) Designing communication for diversity in a horizontal individualist culture: [A version of this paper was presented as the Presidential Address at the annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, Brisbane, Australia, July 2003.]. Australian Journal of Communication, v.30, no.2, pp. 1-14.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Australian Journal of Communication.
©The School of English, Media Studies, & Art History, The University of Queensland, 2003. All rights reserved.


[Extract]: This paper draws together the tragedy of the Twin Towers and the Bali bombing with a consideration of how individualism and collectivism are played out in dealing with crisis situations and endemic social problems, to a view of government and individuals and how notions of agentic and communal attitudes are expressed in advertising and workplace relationships and promotions. For some Communication scholars, there is the hope that our academic work can be focused upon our interactions with one another and our world. In order to add SWB to our lives in the community and the world, we need to look at the Communication curriculum to see how we integrate the technical with the human, to see how we can use theory to examine the assumptions of the agentic. We need to look at how Communication takes its place in the examination of the political process and advertising and at how Communication courses are responding to the challenge of providing an education in the human and the political to future journalists, advertisers, media and public relations practitioners, and corporate and organisational communicators.



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