Development of a new measure of adolescent depression

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Taouk, M. & Bahr, M. (2008). Development of a new measure of adolescent depression. Paper presented at the 7th Australian Conference on Personality and Individual Differences, 27-29 November, Gold Coast, Australia

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A new scale to measure adolescent depression was developed by reviewing literature of adolescent depression, and an examination of existing depression instruments for both adults and adolescents. The Taouk Adolescent Depression Scale (TADS) was constructed as a multidimensional measure of depression, evaluated using a sample of 263 undergraduate and secondary school students (70 males, 193 females) aged between 12 and 21 years (M=15.53, SD=2.35). Four reliable factors comparable to those identified in previous research were obtained from an obliquely rotated principal axis factoring extraction, resulting in a final 20 item instrument with five items per domain, illustrating construct validity. The TADS demonstrated significant positive correlations with convergent measures of depression, and weaker correlations with divergent measures of coping, suggesting criterion-related validity. Measure of dependability test-retest reliability was sufficient, and group comparison across educational institution suggested concurrent validity. The new scale requires additional normative development, but preliminary indicators suggest that the TADS should be a useful instrument for measuring adolescent depression.

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