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Wilson, Rebecca and Power, Mary R. (2004) Conflict resolution styles among Australian Christians and Muslims [This paper was placed in the top four papers list of the upcoming National Communication Association. Meeting (90th: Chicago)]. Australian Journal of Communication, v.31, no.2, pp. 69-85.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Australian Journal of Communication.
©The School of English, Media Studies, & Art History, The University of Queensland, 2004. All rights reserved.


Findings from this study of Australian practising and non-practising Christians and Muslims support the proposition that both religious affiliation and the depth of the affiliation affect an individual's conflict resolution style (collaborator, compromiser, accommodator, controller, or avoider), and that minority status and particular historical time and situation may also affect it. Practising and non-practising Christians and non-practising Muslims chose a collaborating style in resolving conflicts, while practising Muslims reported a preference for the compromiser style of conflict resolution.



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