Constructing a valid psychometric tool: The Adolescent Depression Scale

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Taouk, M., Mitchell, P., & Bahr, M. (2009). Constructing a valid psychometric tool: The Adolescent Depression Scale. Paper presented at the 8th Australasian Conference on Personality and Individual Differences (ACPID09), 25-28 November, Sydney, Australia

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In order to assess the impact of depression on adolescents and to achieve adequate domain coverage of the construct of depression, The Adolescent Depression Scale (TADS) was created as a screening measure of adolescent depression. The previous presentation and paper on the TADS, delivered at the 7th ACPID, detailed a number of the initial statistical results; however this presentation will explore the main methodological considerations in creating a valid and reliable assessment instrument. There are a number of guidelines to consider when creating a psychometric tool, and test construction can be viewed as being comprised of a number of individual phases. The phases which were undertaken when creating the TADS include literature review and item development, ethics applications, review of items by an expert panel, administration of items to a pilot sample, data collection, and statistical analyses. Each of these phases contributes to the overall reliability and validity of the psychometric tool. More specifically, evidence of internal reliability, dependability test-retest reliability, content validity, construct validity, convergent and divergent validity were obtained for the TADS. Further development and refinement of the TADS is currently being undertaken.

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