Psychological assessment. Four volume set.

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Boyle, G.J., Saklofse, D.H., & Matthews, G. (eds.). (2012). Psychological assessment. Four volume set.. London: Sage Publications Ltd.

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© Copyright Introduction and editorial arrangement by Greogory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske & Gerald Matthews, 2012




This collection brings together the major influential publications in psychological assessment over the last 20-30 years to serve as an important reference resource for individuals and institutions interested in psychological assessment research and application. The editors have carefully selected the inclusions to represent a mix of older classics, still very relevant today, and highly influential up-to-date recent work. The articles include recent influential reviews to introduce an area; historical and classical material; and leading-edge recent work which may challenge accepted practice giving readers a feel for the dynamism of the field.

The collection portrays the original sources that have most significantly shaped psychological assessment research in recent years, some critical reviews, as well as including the very best research articles outlining key recent developments, thereby providing an essential set of core readings for the field.

Volume One: Intelligence Assessment

Volume Two: Personality Assessment

Volume Three: Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment

Volume Four: Clinical and Applied Psychological Assessment

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