Indigenous knowledges, birds that have 'spoken' and science

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Tidemann, S. C., Chirgwin, S., & Sinclair, J. R. (2011). Indigenous knowledges, birds that have 'spoken' and science. In Ethno-Ornithology: Birds and Indigenous people, culture and society (pp.3-12). London: Earthscan.

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2011 HERDC submission. FoR code: 210101

© Copyright Dr Sonia Tidemann and Dr Andrew G. Gosler, 2010





The accumulated knowledge of indigenous peoples has enabled them to survive and flourish in some of the most difficult environments of the world, and to develop rich and diverse cultures that describe quite different relationships with their surroundings from those of most Western cultures. In order to understand and appreciate indigenous perspectives on creatures such as birds, it is necessary first to review how indigenous peoples view the world, and how their knowledge is produced, owned and recorded (Medin and Atran, 1999).

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