Dealing with uncertainty in life commitment: Deciding on a career

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Alexander, V., Hicks, R.E., & Bartrum, D. (2011). Dealing with uncertainty in life commitment: Deciding on a career. In M.J. Celinski & K.M. Gow (Eds.), Continuity versus creative response to challenge: The primacy of resilience and resourcefulness in life and therapy (327-340). New York, U.S.A.: Nova Science.

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Resilience and resourcefulness are needed in dealing with major life issues. One such issue faced by all young people is that of career choice, because the effects are life-long in terms of satisfaction, wellbeing and lifestyle choice. This chapter looks at how resilient young people feel (degree of career certainty or uncertainty , or indecision), and what internal resources there are that help or hinder them in those choices. Resourcefulness is thought to be related to optimism and emotional intelligence, and to emotional wellbeing and stability. The situation which young people face represents challenges for them, as they are often ridden with anxiety about the uncertainty or the ’correctness’ of their decision and their ability. Hence, some of them respond with anxiety and depression that, in turn, increase their turmoil, while others respond with optimism and commitment to the recognized value in managing and staying with their career choices. This chapter examines the relationships between career indecision and uncertainty, and how this aspect correlates with each of the areas of optimism, emotional intelligence, and mental health.

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