Capstone project readies multimedia and game students for client focused success

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Brand, J. E., Jervis, J., & Thwaites, S. (2010). Capstone project readies multimedia and game students for client focused success. In A. L. Kenworthy (Ed.). Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Approaches to Professional Development from Across the Disciplines: Volume 1, Bond University (pp. 192-203). Braddon: Halstead Press.

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Interactive Media Project and Presentation is a capstone subject in a suite of multimedia degrees. The subject gives students a guided learning experience in which they complete a commercial multimedia project. Students test their knowledge and skills through work that is scaled according to their enrolled numbers, the needs of a client and a deadline for deliverables. Students learn to apply disparate knowledge domains in a single project, distribute work roles, set feasible project scope and overcome limitations with tools of their profession. Research in multimedia education establishes the need for project-based learning for the application of theory to project, team and client management (Simkins, Cole, Tavalin, & Means, 2002). The Bond University Interactive Media Project and Presentation subject leverages small class sizes by personalising and scaling instruction aligned with constructionist educational philosophy: teachers and students modify their roles so that students take personal responsibility for learning and thus migrate from multimedia consumers to professional content producers.

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