News blogs as political agenda-setters

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Phillipps, R. (2005). News blogs as political agenda-setters. Paper presented at the 2005 journalism education association conference, Surfers Paradise, Australia.

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2005 HERDC submission.

© Copyright Richard Phillipps, 2005




Is political news blogging going to take off in Australia, as it did in the 2004 US presidential election? There, citizen-initiated media blogs did have an impact, especially now that users can post moblogs - images, text and video from their camera phones - instantly to the internet. This immediacy brings a new complication to the agenda-setting efforts of politicians and their media advisers. Blogs no longer need be just political “think pieces”, as most Australian ones are – in other countries with more urgent need for political reform, they are becoming rallying calls for action.

Content of 65 blog sites from the centre and both sides of the political spectrum was studied to see their political slant where there was one, their take on topical issues and who was contributing to the posts. Blog comment on recent Australian political happenings and crises was investigated.



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